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Nausi Love
Nausi Love
Nausi Love
i'm nausi love, a swedish student and incredible tall goddess traveling around the world. i'm actually the tallest mistress in the world. right now i'm visiting italy which i do recurrently, foremost milan and rome.

i love experiencing new things and i am curious for everything. this is one of the reason why i like this job. tell me your most strange fantasy, tell me what ever you are scared of telling others. tell me and we will explore it together!

now it sounds like i'm the most kinky girl ever, and i don't think it is true. i just like a lot of things, and i enjoy meeting strangers, seeing new places, trying new things or trying old things with new people or in new constellations. it makes me happy and excited.

i love many things:

i love wrestling (especially if it can be sticky with oil or lube).
i love giving humiliation (especially through my height). so many of you guys out there are so short and cute <3 i like playing with you like you are my own personal teddybear.
i also like giving golden showers (even though it sometimes can be a bit tricky haha), and not to forget pegging <3
etc etc etc
a combination and flowing experience of all of this filled with trust and mutuality is the best!!!

i'm not a hardcore mistress. i can be brutal if i discover it gives you and me a mutual pleasure. but most of the time i do soft domination. humiliation and domination mixed with intimacy, conversation and the personal touch. if you gonna suffer for me (for the goddess) it's important you know me and that you value me. if i'm completely unknown to you i see hardly no meaning in your pain or in your humiliation. to suffer for someone else is beautiful, thats the fundamental kick in submission. that's my philosophy.

please have a look at my website. i have built it myself and i think it describes my personality quite well. i think this is important before you decide to contact me or meet me. it's the first step to get to know each other.

how to contact me:
i prefer being contacted on whatsapp. email and only fans also works.
please state in your first sentence your city and from which site you found me on.


milan, fetisheros.
hello nausi! i would love to meet you in october. my name is ...


rome, fetisheros.
hi goddess! i would do what ever it takes to worship you. my name is ...

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